Conference Equipment

Conference Equipment

All regular or specialized audio-visual equipment for usual communication and presentation methods are available in the conference site.

1 Speaker's table with PC (Win 10, office 2017)
1 Overhead projectors
3 Flip-Charts
1 Diaprojectors with rotating holders
1 Board
2 Beamers (4000 & 3000 Ansi Lumen)
15 Pinnboards (both-sided, 125x150 cm)
2 Windows Computers (Win10)
Fax +49 (0)8022 / 279259
1 multiple equipped Copier / Printer



Lecture Hall

A modern stair lift enables our disabled guests to get from the ground floor to the lecture hall on the first floor; access to the main building is also made easier by a lift over the south terrace and via the garden room.

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