Fees & Schedule

Fees & Schedule

Our rates apply to all guests and conference participants - the list of participants sent prior to the administration of Ringberg facility is applicable for billing (see our T&C).


The net prices are calculated as internal sales to the institutions of the Max Planck Society. For external guests (e.g. from universities) who settle the invoice on site, the statutory VAT is added (currently: 7% for overnight stays and 19% for the remaining services: VP net 139,-€ = gross 157,97€).

The full board rate of 139,00 € includes one drink with meals and refreshments during breaks. Additional drinks are charged separately. Vegetarian food can be served on advance booking. The conference package includes coffee break, room rental, free Wlan, flipcharts, pin boards and technical equipment. The conference flat rate is charged per day - even half days. For a one-day event without flat rate a room rental fee is charged (depending on the size of the room 100,-€ to 300,-€). The services will be invoiced in the following amount:



Prices 2024_________ ___Net______ ___incl. VAT___ __VAT___
Lodging 62,00 € 66,34 € 7%
Breakfast 13,00 € 15,47 € 19%
Lunch 24,00 € 28,56 € 19%
Dinner 21,00 € 24,99 € 19%
Conference fee 19,00 € 22,61 € 19%
Full board 139,00 € 157,97 € .


We accept Euro-, Master- and Visacard, but EC-Card and cash are preferred.


In the "Gartenzimmer" we have our self-service maxi bar. Guest can selcet out of wide range of beverages (wine, beer, spirits, non alcoholic drinks, coffee, tee,...). The bill can be paid by departure at the reception.


For scheduling an event or conference following times are kindly asked for, if possible:

Schedule____________ _______________________
Breakfast 8:00 bis 9:00 Uhr
1st Coffee Break ~ 10:30 Uhr
Lunch 12:30 Uhr
2nd Coffee Break ~ 15:30 Uhr
Dinner 18:30 Uhr

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