The reservation of the convention site is made upon written request of the respective organizer. Please use our reservation request for booking requests, which you send to the convention site by e-mail. The regular reservation procedure takes place every year from January to the beginning of March for the following year. There is an annual information desk at OHB.

The convention site Schloss Ringberg may be booked by the Max-Planck-Institutes only.

The booking of the conference site comes into effect by written request by the organizer of a MPI. Please use our reservation form for these booking requests. 

The application is supposed to inform about the subject of the workshop, the expected number of participants, the sending organization (MPI), and the desired meeting period with possible alternative periods. Reservation requests may be submitted beginning January 1st until first week of March -each year for the successive year and must be sent directly via the institution or department management to the conference site.

Applications outside the reservation procedure

A request outside of the reservation procedure is always possible - possible free spaces are constantly updated here.

Confirmation of your request

Reservation acceptance are effective by the conference site's administration's written confirmation only! (pls. see our Terms and Conditions).


If co-financing of the event by the Ernst-Rudolf-Schloeßmann Foundation is requested, a justification for meeting the eligibility criteria (promotion of young scientists and encouraging international scientific meetings) needs to be attached to the application. In the case of accepted co-financing, 40% ​​of costs for MPS staff are supported by the foundation. The remaining 60% will be charged to the organizer.

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