Rooms for Conferences and Workshops

Rooms for Conferences and Workshops


Working and dining rooms are designed for meetings of up to 60 people. There are 35 rooms with shower or bath and telephone available, of which 10 are used as doublerooms. At full occupancy 45 persons can be accommodated. Any additional rooms have to be booked as early as possible by the organizers themselves in nearby Rottach-Egern or Kreuth. Out of house accommodated guests may of course attend meals in the castle.

Usage, arrival and departure

Meetings may take place during the week from Monday till Friday, whereas arrival and departure at the weekend may be provided. All meals for conference participants, with the exception of breakfast on Saturday, can be prepared. Arrivals on Sunday should be scheduled between 4.00 p.m. und 10.00 p.m. On the day of departure all rooms need to be vacated by 9.00 a.m. with regard to any successive conference and arriving participants. In case less than 5 working days are being required, events at Ringberg Castle are organized from Monday till Wednesday (departure after lunch) or can be booked from Wednesday till Friday (arrival 3.00  p.m.). Travel instructions

Rooms for conventions, workshops or meetings

The Green Seminar Room with 22 table places and the library with 12 table places are available for conferences. The auditorium can accommodate a maximum of 70 people with appropriate seating - up to 60 people can be seated at one table.

With appropriate seating, the lecture hall can accommodate a maximum of 70 people - up to 60 people have a table. more
Blauer Seminarraum
The blue seminar room is equipped with a large-screen TV and is available for free use. A game console is connected to the TV - the Ninento Wii U offers fun for up to 4 players. more
The Green Seminar Room with 24 table places is available for conferences. more
The library offers 12 table places. more


For the preparation and billing of events, a list of participants with details of the organizing institute, a schedule and an overview of occupancy are required. The distribution of the guest rooms should be considered ​​on the basis of the room plan (further details are here) by the organizer himself. These documents should be sent one week prior to the beginning of the event to the administration of Ringberg Castle.

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