The Corona Crisis at Ringberg Castle

Changes due to spacing regulations because of Covid-19

The safety and health of our guests and employees is our top priority. As long as the regulations from the government exist, we will constantly adapt our operation to them.

Capacities - Rooms & Dining Rooms

The rooms are given only in single occupancy
Therefore 32 guests can stay overnight with us
(couples or persons of the same household can of course share a room).
Due to the distance regulation in the restaurant (1,5m) only 2 persons can dine together at one table.
In the dining room we have so place for 12 persons,
in the small dining room for 7,
in the music room for 4 persons,
in the witch room for 5 persons,
in the study room for 3 and in the garden room for 2 persons.

Please note the obligation to wear a mask as soon as you leave the place...

Meeting capacities

Until 30.4.2021, the restrictions according to the Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance apply - a room area of 10 sqm must be ensured per person.

After that, the familiar distance regulations (1.5m) will probably apply. Groups may only meet together with a minimum distance - a mask must be worn at the place.

This results in these capacities:
In the lecture hall only 23 persons can meet
9 people can meet in the green seminar room
In the blue seminar room 14 persons can meet with distance.
In the library 4 persons can meet.
The conference rooms are arranged in a parliamentary way - a change of the table order is not possible!

Lecture hall, placed for 23 people with distance
Lecture hall, placed for 23 people
Blue seminar room, placed for 14 people with distance

A Cisco video conferencing system enables a conference call between the lecture hall, blue seminar room and participants who connect externally.

The installation only enables DFNconf and Webex!
Possibility to connect the Blue Seminar Room with the lecture hall via video conference. The presentation is done via beamer. On the monitor you can see the participants from the Blue Seminar Room...
Participants in the Blue Seminar Room can follow the presentation and the lecturer in the lecture hall via an 80-inch monitor.
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