The Corona Crisis at Ringberg Castle

Changes due to spacing regulations because of Covid-19

The safety and health of our guests and employees is our top priority. As long as the regulations from the government exist, we will constantly adapt our operation to them.

In principle, we can always respond to the wishes and needs of the individual meetings - but at least the various requirements of the current regulation apply.
Decisive is the 7-day incidence of the district of Miesbach:

From 5.6. to 4.7.2021 the 13th BaylfSMV is valid.

The regulation distinguishes between three different incidence values:
1.) from 0 to 49  
2.) from 50 to 99
3.) above 100

According to § 4 (2) of the Covid-19 Protective Measures Exemption Ordinance of 08.05.2021, in the case of gatherings in private rooms (= not open to the public) where vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons are present, the vaccinated persons are not counted.

The rooms will be assigned in single occupancy only.
Therefore, 32 guests can stay with us.
(Couples or persons of the same household or guests with full vaccination coverage may of course share a room).
Overnight guests must present a negative Covid-19 test (PCR test, max. 72 h old, antigen test max. 48 h old, or self-test under supervision on site) regardless of the incidence in the district of Miesbach. A test can be provided at cost price.
There is no obligation to test for fully vaccinated persons.

Please note the mask obligation (FFP2), as soon as you leave the place in the dining room...

Capacities for dining in the castle

Please note that masks are mandatory (FFP2) as soon as you leave the dining room...

roomIncid. 0-49:Incid. 50-99:Incid. over 100:
max. persons/table, then 1,5m distance 10 3 always distance
big dining hall 32 18 12
smal dining room 10 9 7
Hexenzimmer 13 9 5
Musikzimmer 10 6 4
Herzogliches Arbeitszimmer     3
Gartenzimmer     2
Total 65 42 33


Conference capacities

The meeting rooms are set parliamentary - a change of the table order is not possible!
Please note also here the mask obligation as soon as you leave the place...

roomIncid. 0-49:Incid. 50-99:Incid. over 100:
max. persons at table, then 1,5m distance 10 3 always with distance
lecture hall 38 28 23
Blue seminar room 13 13 13
Blue Sem. & lecture hall per VC 51 41 36
Green seminar room 20 14 8
library 10 6 4
Lecture hall, placed for 23 people with distance
Lecture hall, placed for 23 people
Blue seminar room, placed for 14 people with distance

A Cisco video conferencing system enables a conference call between the lecture hall, blue seminar room and participants who connect externally.

The installation only enables DFNconf and Webex!
Possibility to connect the Blue Seminar Room with the lecture hall via video conference. The presentation is done via beamer. On the monitor you can see the participants from the Blue Seminar Room...
Participants in the Blue Seminar Room can follow the presentation and the lecturer in the lecture hall via an 80-inch monitor.

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