The Corona Crisis at Ringberg Castle

Changes due to spacing regulations because of Covid-19

The safety and health of our guests and employees is our top priority. As long as the regulations from the government exist, we will constantly adapt our operation to them.

Until 24.11.2021 the 14th BayIfSMV is valid.

In general the 3G principle applies indoors across a wide area: Personal access is therefore only available to vaccinated, recovered or currently tested persons.

The medical mask is the new mask standard. In addition, differentiation will be made everywhere in the future as follows:
- Outdoors, there will generally be no mask requirement. The only exceptions are the entrance and meeting areas of larger events (1,000 or more people).
- Conversely, a general mask obligation will always apply indoors. Excluded is the place in the restaurant.

In the case of room occupancy, the previous restrictions, according to which rooms may only be allocated within the framework of contact restrictions, no longer apply.
Alos here the 3G principle is sufficient here. If tests are needed they have to be shown on arrival and every 72 hours thereafter.
In all other respects, the general regulations apply, especially with regard to the mask requirement.

Exceptions for 2G-Events

As announced in the President's letter (dated 28.9.2021), there is relief if all persons on site are vaccinated or recovered - in this case, the mask requirement indoors is then omitted.

Capacities for dining in the castle

The rooms can be fully used again. There are 48 seats available in the dining room and 12 seats in the small dining room.
Please note that masks are required (3G) as soon as you leave the dining room...

Conference capacities

The meeting rooms are set parliamentary - a change of the table order is not possible!
Please note also here the mask obligation as soon as you leave the place...

For 3G events, there is no limitation of persons in the meeting rooms - but masks must be worn!

For 2G events, there is no limitation of persons in the meeting rooms and masks do not have to be worn.


Lecture hall, placed for 23 people with distance
Lecture hall, placed for 23 people
Blue seminar room, placed for 14 people with distance

A Cisco video conferencing system enables a conference call between the lecture hall, blue seminar room and participants who connect externally.

The installation only enables DFNconf and Webex!
Possibility to connect the Blue Seminar Room with the lecture hall via video conference. The presentation is done via beamer. On the monitor you can see the participants from the Blue Seminar Room...
Participants in the Blue Seminar Room can follow the presentation and the lecturer in the lecture hall via an 80-inch monitor.

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